Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Guruprakaaaasssshhh (cough....cough....) bye... byee..


                  Finally after about 2 or 3 months gearing up for his send off.. we finally kicked him off. With all those   go go...then again go teleserial melodrama of his Swedish RP (VISA). It was nice to see him off at airport. You could notice lot of enthusiasm in him once he got his RP and hired Vishwa as his official chauffeur with a brand new Pulsar180 (huh.. what a luxury!!! and scary!!!), obviously he had to be enthusiastic as he was supposed to return a lot of "money". Hopefully he would be back to India in TWO years (hey Guru i am stressing on 2 man.. got it).

                 There is lot of things to be told about his send off like sleeping at 12.30am and waking up 1.45am, the ride to BIAL on Vishwa's P180 at 106kmph on those dark roads with a half blind chauffeur i was like...ah.. ok leave it, and then the wait upto 5.15am to wait for his orders to leave BIAL..ooopphh.... hey somebody blog about that its a good material to blog about.

AND I am very thankful to Mr.Vishwanatha N. who was very much beside me during the write up to this blog with all his inputs about Guru's nervous countdown days to his flight.

Good luck Guru

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Blogging after a lot of time

Hi folks... I am back to blogging after almost 3 years.... dont know exactly why i stopped blogging... may be its the life taking toll on me. Hope i will be regular from now on.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

MIB in caribbean

I am amazed at the reaction of indian fans when our team is flunking. They pelt stones criticise, scold when Men In Blue(MIB) are losing and then suddenly garland them, worship them like god when they start winning. Today people pelted stones on Dhoni's home . These kind of things should not happen as a single team member is not responsible for the loss or victory of the team. The psychological effects of these incidents on team and its members who are very far from home are irreversible.

I support our team at all times and hope others also do the same.

I hope MIB will be upbeat and in winning mood on the eve of new year, as 19th march is the Ugadi- The onset of new year according to Hindu calendar.

All the best to MIB and happy ugadi to all.

Kodak easyshare c330

This is a blog about a digicam which is affordable. The C330 has a remarkable still picture quality. It stays the same even if you choose the lower 1.0 MP resolution. The multiple flash with automatic red-eye reduction works well too. The zoom is also one of its plus points. Also, the on-camera cropping feature allows you to discard the unwanted parts from pictures.
The video mode is fixed at 320 x 240 pixels and 20 frames per second and the quality is good but audio capture is not so good. The video quality is good but you have to set the focus (zoom) before starting the video capture as the camera doesn't allow you to zoom in or out in the middle of a recording.
But, one of the most significant limitations is the battery life. It demands 2 pairs of cells to capture 50 pictures and around 3 minutes of video footage. Thus a set of rechargeable heavy duty batteries is a must for this cam.
Apart from the limiting factors, overall performance of the camera is good and at times better than what we can expect at that price. The C330 is available for around Rs. 7500 with a one year warranty, and is a good buy for new or first time users who want a easy-to-use digital camera with a fair amount of features.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

My Bike

I am Niranjan Rao, a student of mechanical engineering at U.B.D.T.C.E. Davangere. This is my first blog on anything at blogger. This is about a motorcycle which is not so famous among the mass. I purchased this bike 2 yrs ago and I have not faced any problem or repairs until now. This is a very good city bike, very balanced and sturdy. This comes in 2 variants one is the 4 gears, electric start, drum brake option and the other is the 5 gears, kick start, front disc brake option. The bike I have bought is the 5 gears version with disc brake. I did a lot of thinking before buying this, I browsed the net, enquired about it with friends and the positive responses were too meager. I asked my dad’s permission and bought it for 50000.
I have even taken this for long rides and I have not received any problem. I have taken it for about 150 km continuously on highway and off road. On this ride I got a mileage of 68 km per liter cruising between 50 to 70kmph. It is very comfortable for long rides with its high ground clearance of 165mm, well designed dual colour, extra long, wide seat. This has the sweetest engine sound with a very stylish chrome shield muffler. This has very good looks with its very bully dome with 2 city lights in the fairing. It has a decent ride with superior suspension system. And a very rare feature in a bike, hazard warning light switch which with a flick of it will glow all 4 blinkers at a time.
Its speedometer deck consists of speedometer, tachometer, high beam indicator, blinker indicators, neutral light, and mileage controller lights. The mileage controller helps the rider to adjust the speed for maximum fuel efficiency through a red and green light alert. It has other switches which are common on a 125cc bike. Its head light is a multireflecting one with a halogen bulb gives an excellent beam pattern. This has a delta 4 engine with microprocessor controlled ignition fitted with a constant vacuum (CV) carburetor, drum barrel muffler, and port divider, all of these combined improves fuel efficiency, pickup and low end torque. The chassis is T-control frame which is not made into 2 beams below the petrol tank as in Hero Honda bikes. This engine spits 10.7 bhp@8000rpm with a maximum torque of 10.5 Nm @5500rpm. With this power it beats all other bikes in its class which are in production. The bike is slightly longer compared to other bikes in its class.
Until now I said about the positive features of this bike. Now it is the turn of drawbacks. Like every bike in India this has also got some drawbacks like poor cold startability, slightly low pickup at lower rpm, and the major one, poor paint finish at edges of exhaust clamp, fairing clamp, but these can’t be detected at first look.
Summing it up it is good buy with mileage of 60-65 km per liter.

MAX TORQUE 10.5Nm @ 5500rpm
MAX BHP 10.7 bhp @ 8000rpm
TYRE SIZE 2.75x18” (front), 3.00x18” (rear)
BRAKE TYPE drum/disc (front), drum (rear)

Length 2010mm
Width 725mm
Height 1080mm
Wheel base 1235mm
Ground clearance 165mm
Vehicle weight 111kg
Fuel tank capacity 12.25 liters